I would like to get out of the way of smoking. Can e-cigarette help in it?

- Our personal opinion is that although e-cigarette provide the feeling of real smoking, getting out of the way of smoking requires will-power as well. Based on our experiences, desire for a real cigarette keeps continuously decreasing after the first smokeless week.


How many E-liquid will I use monthly?

- Unfortunatelly it is not known, as it depends on your smoking habits. A strong smoker may have 60-80 ml liquid in a month - this amount may increase if a liquid of much preferred flavour is found. In the beginning, while searching for the perfect liquid, people usually smoke more. However it is recommended not to overdo it, as nicotine is toxic!


How many pulls are equal to a traditional cigarette?

- Approximately 10-12 pulls.


How can I choose from e-liquids of different nicotine strength?

- Please, check the nicotine-content of the traditional cigarette you used to smoke - written on its pack. This value should be multiplied by 30, which will show the recommended strength of the e-liquid. For example: if nicotine-content indicated on the pack is 0,4, multiplication by 30 comes 12, so that e-liquid of 11 mg nicotine-content is suggested.


I have read, that e-cigarette is healty. Is it true?

- No, unfortunatelly not. But it contains much less poisonous materials than the traditional one.


How to choose a battery?

- Ego batteries are recommended - unless you insist on the shape of a traditional cigarette. Among Ego batteries, the smallest has power of 650 mAh, ensuring 7 hours long usage. 900 mAh battery can hold for a day, while a 1100 mAh one can hold for up to 1,5 day - approximate times, based on personal experiences. If you are not so strong smoker, above usage times may increase.


Can a beginner make up his own kit?

- Of course yes, moreover we are certainly help. A battery, a usb-charger, an atomizer and a tank, or an integrated patron are required, plus you have to choose your favourite e-liquid and ready to smoke!



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